what happens during menstruation ?

Another thing that happens during menstruation is that a woman’s hormones will change dramatically. This is why it is common for a woman to have irregular periods. The progesterone that the body will produce will come and go at different times of the month. The estrogen that the body will produce will also come and go at different times as well. Between the two, it can be difficult for a woman to predict what her hormones will do.

Some women will see a rash or hives come around the time of their menstruation is occurring. This rash tends to be very itchy and is often accompanied by watery, bright red urine. Hives will also sometimes form on the body around what happens during menstruation and they can be very itchy as well. If this occurs, it is important to get to a doctor immediately.

When a woman’s hormones go off, she will be faced with what happens during menstruation. Menstrual cramping is one of the most common things that will happen. There can be severe cramping, which can cause pain during intercourse. There can also be bloating and weight gain that makes it very uncomfortable for a woman to be on her period.