9 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Here Are The 9 Main Healthy Benefits Of Drinking Water

As a mother on the (Pulverization Side) who likes to consume different crunchy foods, I take advantage of my personal healthy choices. I also appreciate my little community’s advices the same way other moms behave towards soccer goals or ballet recitation. Yesterday, my 6 year old son wanted me to give him a snack of plain celery which made my 4 year old daughter and my 10 month old son excited to have some too.

I’m also proud of the importance my children give to drinking water. We are a small family that goes through an unbelievable amount of water. We do not prefer to cool our body with juice or soda while we are at home (we tend to be pedant about consuming sugar), so water is our premium choice.

For what reason ? Simply because drinking enough clean and pure water is the most effective way to improve our health.

The funniest fact about this vital element (and my favorite part) is that it is flexible and you can drink it the way you want (cold, hot, herb infused, fizzy, fruit infused…). Also, it is free and simple (just drink water), so why not ?

1-Ideal Weight :

According to some statistics, researches about the healthy effectiveness of drinking water (particularly before meals) are still not enough, but some studies have shown that it works ! Water boosts calorie burning for more than one hour after consuming, and rises Lipolysis (the operation of breaking down fat using water).

Drinking one glass of water before a meal restrains appetite, helping the body to get rid of the calories caused by higher calorie beverages. Therefore, it decreases the amount of food consumed during the day meals.
2-Smooth Skin :

It was scientifically demonstrated that skin is the largest organ in the body, measuring the weight of almost 8 lbs in the average adult and about 22 square feet. You should keep in mind that 64% of your skin is water, so you should drink water regularly in order to maintain your skin hydration, flexibility and overall freshness.

Also, drinking water is the best solution for individuals who struggle with their faces (oily or dry skin, acne,….). However, it was experimentally proved that people who increased their water intake had a huge decay in breakouts.

3-Mental Comfort And Energy :

When I feel stressed or annoyed, I reach for a cold glass of clean and pure water from our Berkey ! I do not like to drink coffee as it makes me comfortable temporarily before sending me crashing (I start then looking for my hidden dark chocolate pieces). Drinking a glass of water in the middle of the day can significantly boost brain power.

It is important to know that ¾ of the brain is water, and the slightest drought would lead to lowering some mental activities such as memory, attention, motor function and more. Remember to always go back to water.
4-Helps Regulate Metabolism :
My grandma used to remind me of the healthy side of a hot mug of Lemon water in getting idle bowels moving, and I realized she was right ! Constipation is a digestive disorder which is common among people of all ages. It might be a result of age and exhaustion of internal functions in old people, and a result of anxiety in children (and their poor parents….I speak from experience).

Scientifically, when food moves too slowly through bowels, the operation of absorbing the water content is being implemented. As a result (and in case of not drinking water), your body becomes dry and your stool becomes hard. Water lubricates your bowels, and tempers them.
5-Immune Improvement :

Drinking water regularly makes you hydrated and this helps you fend off infections (or resist against them if you have already got sick). Water enables the body to get rid off toxins and any other unnecessary elements in order to let your immune system function at its best.
6-Good To Avoid Dizziness :

Do you remember the fact that the brain is 64% water ? This means that it can easily become dehydrated. Moreover, dehydration causes headache which results from the temporary shrinkage of the brain as fluid decreases, pulling away from the skull ! Ops….

Dehydration can also cause or prolong the one-side-headache. However, the ultimate effective way to avoid this problem is to drink more water. It can make you relaxed in a short period of time (less than 30 minutes).
7-Adjusts Temperature :
Our bodies are miraculously installed, and it always amazes me to learn more about the way we react to the external world ! For example, getting sweaty on a hot summer day means the built in cooling system of the body.

It is like an automatic regulator of temperature. When your body detects a high temperature, it increases sweat to help cool you down. The key element of sweat is water, so drinking it regularly makes you hydrated especially when the weather is hot.

8-Improves Sentimental Well-being :
As a mother of three little children, I’m always familiar with the expression ‘hungry’ (hunger causes anger),….Being thirsty can also affect your mood. Even the slightest dehydration can make you confused, angry and tired. It can even be a sign of raving.

Now, I’m quite sure that giving your child a glass of cold water the next huff would calm him/her down. Additionally, it is an effective distraction (as if your children were mine). The funniest (and the healthiest) thing is using water to replace the amount of tears caused by whopping meltdowns.
9-A Detoxification Solution :
Water is a detoxifying element. It removes toxins and all substances that the body will not benefit from. The major manifestations of the process of detoxification are skin (sweat), the digestive system (stool), the kidneys (urine) and the lungs (respiration). Generally, water is critical for taking toxins out of the body.

You can take advantage of the water’s detoxification side by adding some fresh lemon slices. Taking this homemade warm lemon water (especially in the morning) can help catalyze the liver to get rid of toxins.
Here are some useful healthy hints our families follow in order to stay hydrated :

Carrying stainless steel containers or bottles of water wherever they go.
Drinking water from big mason jars (we compare these with stainless steel straws).
Making natural remedies using water and infusing fresh fruits slices such as orange, lemon, cucumber, mint, ginger, watermelon, grape leaves….
Drinking water immediately after waking up
Selecting glistening water instead of other beverages (especially soda) in different occasions, or dinings.

As an example, oil makes machines flexible. Your body operates the same way. You should frequently water your body as your organs function well using this element. To be well-determined (physically and mentally), you need to be hydrated.

You should also keep in mind that water boosts energy ! Drinking water is a simple activity you can strart from now.

As a final recommendation, you should make drinking water a daily habit to practice with your family. Try to make a competition to see who can drink more water a day. You indirectly engage with your family, and you become healthier ! Good luck.

So, what is your favorite gimmick for drinking more water ? Leave it here so everybody can read it.