3 Healthy One-Skillet Quinoa Recipes Dinner Made Easy

Today’s recipes are all healthy quinoa recipes as you probably have heard quinoa is the superest of superfoods it is loaded with nutrients and it is a perfect protein and I find it to be really really
delicious today I’m going to show you three tasty ways to prepare it and they all happen in a single dish what is not to love about that fewer dishes are always better first up.

I have got a really tasty chicken and asparagus quinoa big I’m starting with an oven-safe skillet on the stove and to that I am going to add some butter once our butter is melted we are ready to
rock and roll with our beautiful leeks now I love me some leeks we are going to cook our leeks until they start to become a little brighter green you’ll see the Nate really do tend to shrink

down when they cook as well so what looks like a lot of leek to begin with ends up being only a little leaf when you’re done next it is time to add our garlic and our quinoa we’re gonna cook
this all together stirring it constantly for just a minute until it smells nice and fragrant and you can smell that garlic having a good time in that pan
and we’re gonna add some broth.

I’m using some chicken broth here you can go ahead and use pretty much whatever flavor broth you want I’m also gonna season this up with some nice herbs I’ve got
some fresh thyme leaves and some dried oregano lots of beautiful flavors in this dish I’m gonna season it up with some salt and some pepper bring it all
to a boil and then reduce my heat to medium-low pop the lid on my pan and let it simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. The idea is to get all of that liquid absorbs get that quinoa nice and softened and of

course full of all that flavor and that means it is time to the rest of the deliciousness to this dish so I’ve got some asparagus that.

I’ve just chopped up into two or three inch pieces I’ve also got some cooked chicken breasts that I’ve just shredded up and finally I am adding some ricotta cheese I’m gonna stir all of this
together holy moly probably should have used a bigger pan because that is a lot of goodness in one amazing dish.

Now the ricotta adds a ton of creaminess to this dish but not a lot of flavor which is why I’m going to add some additional flavor with the zest and juice of one lemon zest just is best
zest is best everyone you heard here first we’ve got our lemon I’m also going to add a good handful of parsley once all of that is well combined I’m going to top this with some freshly grated.

Parmesan really really critical to use freshly grated and I’m also going to nestle in a few slices of lemon I’ve got my oven preheated to 375 degrees and I’m gonna let this all bake up for 15 minutes or so or until that parmesan is nice and melted it’s really as simple as that I’m gonna garnish it simply with some freshly chopped parsley and there you have it it’s ready to be enjoyed holy-moly wowie-zowie everyone good times next up my love’s you are all in for a treat because we are making a turkey taco quinoa skillet that is absolutely to die for.

I love it because it’s packed with protein we’ve got the quinoa we’ve got our turkey we’ve also got our black beans that is a protein punch like most great things this one starts with some olive oil heating up in the pan

Today I am actually going to be using some ground turkey in this recipe but you have the choice to use some ground poultry instead you could use ground
beef you could use veggie crumble all of those would work while that is cooking up you’re just gonna season it with some salt and some pepper and then we’re just
gonna use our spoon to break up this turkey into bits once that turkey is cooked it is time to start layering in some vegetables.

I’ve some diced onion some diced red bell pepper and some corn I’m gonna stir all of that together until it becomes fragrant once my onions have been in there for a minute or so I’m also going
to add my minced garlic I’ve got some jalapeno for all of you people who enjoy a little jalapeno heat immediately that jalapeno will start to tickle your nose if it’s worth its weight I’m also going
to add some seasoning so I’ve got some chili powder and some ground cumin happening here once your house is filled with the incredible aroma you know it’s time to add the rest of your ingredients

so we’ve got some canned black beans that we’ve rinsed and drained some quinoa I’m also going to be adding some diced tomatoes which are a huge staple in my pantry and some chicken broth if
you don’t want to use chicken broth veg broth will work just as well in this recipe we’re gonna bring all of this deliciousness to a boil and then reduce our heat to medium-low pop the lid on Our skillet and let it cook away for 15 to 20 minutes what you’re looking for it once again is for that quinoa to absorb all of that liquid.

Once your quinoa is cooked through and it’s nice and soft it is time to finish this dish off with a good helping of shredded cheddar cheese what I like to do is sprinkle my cheddar
cheese all over and then put the lid back on my skillet to let that cheese get nice and melty I like to finish it off simply with just a little sprinkle of freshly chopped cilantro and oh my
goodness oh my gracious this stuff is serious dinner don’t take my word for it try it yourself finally today I’m going to show you a smoky spicy shrimp quinoa dish that I am
just in love with now even though this requires just one skillet it doesn’t require much skill so it’s perfect for anyone who is a novice cook I’ve got a cast-iron skillet heating up on the
stove to that I’m going to add some butter because of course you know how I feel about butter what’s that butter is melted it is time to add some finely diced onion we were
going to saute that onion for three or four minutes or until it becomes nice and translucent and that’s how you know it is time to add your minced garlic and your Chile’s not to worry red chillies
don’t pack all that much heat but they do pack a ton of flavor and speaking of flavor we are also going to be adding some smoked paprika to this dish with smoked paprika a little bit
goes a long way this stuff is super flavorful so you can use it sparingly we’re gonna add our quinoa friends just gonna toss that together briefly in all of that goodness as well
in goes our broth it’s gonna get hot and bothered real quick in that beautiful dish.

I’m going to season that up with some salt and pepper and bring the whole mixture to a boil once it’s reached a boil we are once again going to pop a lid on top reduce our heat to medium-low
and let that simmer away for about 15 minutes now you want to make sure there’s still a little bit of liquid left in your pan when you go to add the rest of your ingredients that’s gonna help everything steam up and become
really delicious I’m going to add some chopped broccoli florets into my pan and I’m also adding some shrimp now you all know how I feel about shrimp it is one of my favorite things.

But as always I am using peeled shrimp in this recipe because I really hate having to peel my shrimp once it’s cooked I’m gonna pop the lid back on my skillet and let this
cook for an additional five minutes or so once that five minutes have passed your shrimp will be nice and pink and opaque your broccoli will be bright green and cook through and that means it is time to
just finish this off with a good squeeze of lemon juice and garnish it with some finely chopped green onion how beautiful does this look that is a sensational single skillet supper.

I love alliteration almost as much as I love puns there you have it lovelies three delicious quinoa recipes that you can feel good about I really hope you will give them a try in your own kitchens.