Because I know that a lot of you have our solutions or I’m getting fit and maybe healthier choices in your life and to be completely honest my life has been such an up-and-down of being happy with Here are 10 secrets to getting fit to let’s do it.
A can of pop or soda can easily have over 50 grams of sugar and over 200 calories a super easy first step to eating clean is to cut the sugary drinks and to be honest I always prefer to eat my calories as opposed to drinking them.

Anyways and even the diet drinks can have harmful chemicals and artificial sweeteners so swallow your sugary drinks for carbonated water fruit flavored water or even coconut water.
Switching the bubbly water has been what’s worked best for me and it like almost tricks my mouth into thinking it’s pop so I know when you’re in a time crunch.

It’s so easy to leave the house through eating breakfast but there are so so so many studies that have shown that eating breakfast kick starts your day with more energy and improved mood and can help get your metabolism going earlier in the day.
Plus like honestly when I don’t eat in the morning so breakfast is always a must for me and when. I say breakfast I wish I was talking about ego is in frosted and pop cards but personally, I like turkey bacon fruit and egg whites.

Take me seeing my progress and hard work on a calendar is so so so motivating. It pushes me to continue to work out any clean and they actually get excited to document another day where I hit my day-to-day goals.
And it also helps to organize your workouts so like in terms of how often you might have worked out your legs and done some cardio and seeing how far I’ve come even if it’s only a few consecutive days of living healthier inspires me to push myself each following day.

To be completely honest my natural habitat is on the couch in an onesie with ceiling than what Netflix YouTube.
But one day I had an epiphany during a Bob’s Burgers marathon and realized that if I had just worked out for one episode that would have been 22 minutes of physical activity.
That’s it think about how easy it is to watch a whole season of a show in one day and if you had just spent one episode of that show working out you’d be that much closer to your fitness goal.

It’s a totally new perspective it has really really helped me set in small goals. Is what is probably one of my favorites I used to think that just because I had one bad cheat day I had to give up and we just go on total junk food and rampage. But every day is a new day try to do one activity every day eat one healthy meal a day SWAPO one favorite junk food for something cleaner there are so many ways you can start small and it’s just so much more realistic to set more frequent.
Smaller goals and milestones for your fitness journey the Knights got a fever to the moon and back.

I am terrible at staying hydrated just because I pee so often but water is so important for your body we are literally made of water and we needed to keep our bodies healthy almost
every cell in the body needs water to function properly so that’s like pretty important.
so I like to DIY measured water bottles to keep myself on track and add a little fruit to keep it flavored. There are seriously like four bajillion good reasons to drink water and this isn’t signed class so I don’t bore you but seriously water is so good for you.

Eating clean is one of the most important elements of getting fit. There’s a saying that abs are made in the kitchen so you could do a hundred crunches a day and not see any results if you’re still eating processed fatty foods.
A friend once told me that when you’re looking at the ingredients of something if it’s got a list of ingredients longer than three or four things it’s probably not that great for you. So do some research on your favorite
food and find out a little more about what you should keep or kick from your diet. I used to think that if I was eating salad that meant that I could eat like a trough of salad like a
straight-up trough and I was so wrong. I got this little kitty plate at Target and it’s honestly so helpful to help forking out my grains protein and veggies.

You want to make sure you’re getting enough sustenance but it’s also so easy to overeat and load your plate even when it’s healthy foods.

There’s so much you can learn about your body your diet your workouts and everything in between understanding what makes you tick and what makes you feel.
Best can make such a big difference in your life when I found out that I was lactose intolerant I wondered me like the biggest bloated marshmallow every day. Even when I was eating super clean to eating mostly dairy-free and feeling great.
Learn new recipes work out so you actually enjoy doing and it’ll make getting fit so much more fun.

Okay you are not human if you don’t have occasional cheat days and that doesn’t mean gorge yourself on everything in sight But it definitely means that you can and should treat yourself.
I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and I would go absolutely insane if I didn’t have cheat days or cheat meals every. So often you can also find ways to cheat a little bit cleaner so I love boom Chicka pop it’s a healthier alternative than regular
popcorn smothered and butter and I definitely still considered it a cheat. But it’s still better than the other options that were so bad.